32nd USAEE/IAEE North American Conference - Anchorage, Alaska: July 28-31, 2013


Roger Marks

Conference Program Chair



Anchorage sits at the base of the Chugach Mountains.


USAEE / IAEE North American Conference; Captain Cook Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska: July 28-31, 2013

The theme of the conference is Industry Meets Government: Impact on Energy Use and Development.

July is approaching fast! Plan NOW to attend. May 31 is the deadline for discounted early registration.

The summer of 2013 will be an extraordinary opportunity for the Association. The USAEE 32nd North American Conference will be held in Anchorage Alaska, July 28-31, 2013 at the Hotel Captain Cook. The theme of the conference is Industry Meets Government: Impact on Energy Use and Development.  Ten plenary sessions are currently being developed. Some of them will focus on issues that have not received a great deal of attention in the past. These include:

- Energy development in the Arctic

- Managing resource wealth

- The role of competition in petroleum fiscal regimes

- The future of Arctic transport: technology and opportunities

- The interconnection between industry and government

Submissions have been strong on 35 concurrent sessions.


Three technical trips are planned for the conference:


1. Production facility on the Alaska North Slope


Flying over Brooks range on the way to the North Slope.
The technical tour to the North Slope will include the flight from Anchorage.

On Saturday July 27 ConocoPhillips will host a full-day tour of the Kuparuk Oil Field on Alaska’s North Slope, including a bus tour and likely wildlife viewing, a walking tour inside one of the oil & gas processing facilities, and an opportunity to wade in the Arctic   Ocean. The day will start with a 6:00am Alaska Airlines flight from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse), located 250 miles north on the Arctic Circle on Alaska’s North Slope. Participants will board a tour bus for a 35-mile drive past the northern terminus of the Trans Alaska Pipeline, through the western half of the Prudhoe Bay Field to the Kuparuk Operations Center. Prudhoe Bay is the largest oil field ever produced in the United States, and Kuparuk is the second largest in area. The participants will be dropped back at the Prudhoe Bay airport around 4:00pm and will arrive back in Anchorage about 8:00pm. The cost for the airfare for the tour is $900. There are no other charges. You can sign up on the conference web site when registering.




2. Local Biomass Facility and State-of-the-Art Power Plant

For those who want a shorter excursion on Saturday afternoon the 27th, there will also be a local technical tour of a biogas project at the Anchorage landfill, and a state-of-the-art natural gas power plant. At the landfill methane gas is recovered as bacteria decomposes waste. This gas is then used at a power plant to provide electricity to the Air Force and Army bases. The power plant has four 1500 kW   GE Jenbacher internal    combustion engine generators. These generators have been specifically designed to utilize recovered landfill methane which can various contaminants. The local power   utility has just completed constructing a super efficient state-of-the-art combined-cycle gas-fired plant. It will use only about three-fourths of the natural gas needed to make a kilowatt-hour compared to the best units on the system today, with significantly less emissions. There will be a $35 charge for the tour, which includes transportation. You can sign up on the conference web site when registering.

3. Valdez Marine Terminal

Columbia Glacier as seen on ferry to Valdez. The technical tour to the
Valdez Marine Terminal, the terminus of the Trans Alaskan Pipeline,
will include the ferry trip from Whittier to Valdez across Prince William Sound.

Following the conference on August 1-2 there will be an overnight tour to Valdez, Alaska on the beautiful Prince William Sound to visit the southern terminus of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System. This trip will include a spectacular ferry ride across Prince William Sound, an overnight stay in the fishing town of Valdez, a driving tour of the Valdez Marine Terminal, and a six-hour return trip from Valdez to Anchorage along one of Alaska’s most scenic routes. The Valdez Marine Terminal occupies about 1000 acres in Port Valdez, the northern most ice-free port in the United States. The terminal includes 18 crude oil storage tanks (14 currently in use) with a total capacity of about 9 million barrels, two deep water loading berths, as well as vapor recovery and ballast water treatment systems. Participants will begin this trip by boarding a coach at the Captain Cook Hotel at approximately 11:00am on Thursday following the USAEE Conference.  A 90-minute bus ride along Cook Inlet’s Turnagain Arm and through the Whittier Tunnel, will be followed by a six-hour ferry ride across Prince William Sound, arriving in Valdez at 7:30pm. A block of rooms will be reserved at one of the hotels in Valdez             within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and the small boat harbor. Friday morning, the coach will take participants to the Valdez Marine Terminal where they will meet with employees of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company (Operator of the Trans Alaska Pipeline System) for a two-hour tour of the facilities. This trip will conclude with a coach ride back to Anchorage along the Richardson and Glenn Highways, with several stops along the route to view glaciers and purchase snacks. The coach should arrive back at the Hotel Captain Cook around 6:00pm on Friday. The cost for the tour, including coach rental, accommodations, and ferry charge is $425 for single occupancy in Valdez and   $350 for double occupancy. (Meals are additional.) You can sign up on the conference web site when registering.


Ecotourism opportunities abound. Alaska is home to several national and state parks including Mt. McKinley (Denali), only a 5-hour drive from Anchorage, and the Kenai Fjords, a 3-hour drive. There are wildlife and glacier viewing, flight-seeing, kayaking, rafting, hiking, hunting, and the finest salmon and halibut fishing in the world.

We encourage you to get your airline tickets soon.

For general information about the conference see www.usaee.org/USAEE2013/ .

For more information on tourism opportunities in Anchorage and Alaska please visit http://www.anchorage.net/ .

Please contact Roger Marks of the Anchorage Chapter, general program co-chair, at 907-250-1197 or rogmarks@gmail.com for further information.



See other photo articles on our forthcoming conference in Anchorage in the January 2013 issue of USAEE Dialogue.





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