From the Editor

Robert Eric Borgström

Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy and Management

(Washington, DC)


Dear Colleagues

With the conclusion of the summer holidays, our attention returns to busy workday agendas and a focus on the critical national debate that will define the next steps of our economic recovery.  Many challenges and opportunities lie ahead for all of us and, appropriately, the theme of our 31st annual USAEE/IAEE North American Conference to be held in Austin, Texas, Nov. 4-7, 2012, is "Transition to a Sustainable Energy Era: Opportunities and Challenges".  In this issue of USAEE Dialogue, Conference Program Co-Chairs Mina Dioun and Peter Nance give a resume of some of the activities that have been planned.  Be sure to read their article and if you have not already registered to attend, please do so now at the conference web-site:

This year's concurrent sessions program includes over 200 invited presenters from all sectors of our energy economics' community; 43 sessions are planned covering 12 topic areas. In the past the concurrent sessions forum has focused mainly on academic research and we are still pro-actively seeking the participation of our student membership by offering discounted registration fees and a cash award for best papers.  This year we have also made a special effort to reach out to those of us in business, consulting and government and solicit papers on case studies derived from our work in applied energy economics.  Participatnts a the Conference can look forward to hearing an interesting mix of presenations on both research and applications.

Two of the planned concurrent sessions are highlighted in this issue of USAEE Dialogue:  Sanya Carley of the University of Indiana has organized a panel of presentations on electric vehicles; and Gürcan Gülen of the University of Texas has organized a panel on Barnett shale gas.

This year USAEE is initiating an Energy Economics Case Competition involving 12 student teams from some of the best universities in North America.  Please read Eric Hittinger's overview of what is sure to be an impressive annual feature of our Conference and of USAEE's outreach to students.

A thought-provoking contributed article to this issue of USAEE Dialogue is Julie Carey and Christopher Ring's "The Unconventional Path for Domestic Crude Oil and Natural Gas Resources."  And Mark Lively reminds those of us from Washington, DC, of a truly dark period this summer when a powerful Derecho hit our area and over one million people (myself included) lost power for days during a summer heatwave.  Please read Mark's interesting survey report.

In addition to our North American Conference, an imporant benefit of your USAEE/IAEE membership is the opportunity of participating at a member discount in IAEE's international conferences.  Lori Schell, our incoming USAEE president, was among those from USAEE who attended the 35th International Conference in Perth, Australia in June 2012.  Please read her interesting article about that conference, and check-out the list of forthcoming USAEE and IAEE events.

Looking ahead to the next issue of Dialogue (January 2013), we are seeking articles on recent research, analyses and case studies on energy economics' issues from USAEE and IAEE members from business/consulting, government and academia (including students).  Articles in final form are due by December 14, 2012.  Drafts for consideration should be submitted well in advance of this deadline for review and editing.  For further information, please follow the link to "Guidelines for Submissions of Articles"

And, as always, your comments and suggestions for improvement of Dialogue are invited and will be welcome at



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