From the Editor

Robert Eric Borgström

Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy & Management

(Washington, DC)


Dear Colleagues

Let me begin by thanking all of the USAEE and IAEE members from around North America who’ve contributed articles to make this issue of USAEE Dialogue our biggest to date!  In addition to 8 articles that cover a broad range of energy economics’ topics, we have a great write-up on our 31st annual USAEE/IAEE North American Conference to be held in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 4-7, 2012, as well as a interesting analysis of attendance at our last three North American conferences (2009 in San Francisco, 2010 in Calgary and 2011 in Washington, DC). -- And please take note of USAEE's first-ever Salary Survey, details of which were recently sent to all USAEE members by e-mail. The broadest member participation will be of benefit to all of us!

Another great benefit of your USAEE/IAEE membership is the opportunity of participating at a member discount in our national and international conferences, which are great venues for sharing information about all aspects of energy economics and networking with colleagues from throughout our global community.  For your near-and-long range planning we’ve highlighted forthcoming USAEE and IAEE events in Acapulco (May 2012), Perth (June 2012), Venice (September 2012), Austin (November 2012) and Anchorage (July 2013).  Follow the links that are provided to learn more about each conference and start making plans to attend and to participate!

Looking ahead to the next issue of Dialogue (September 2012), we are pro-actively seeking articles on recent research, analyses and case studies on energy economics' issues from USAEE and IAEE members from all sectors of our community: business/consulting, government and academia (including students).  Articles in final form are due by Sept. 4, 2012.  Drafts for consideration should be submitted well in advance of this deadline for review.  For further information, please follow the link to "Guidelines for Submissions of Articles" on the Main Menu of Dialogue.

And, as always, your comments and suggestions for improvement of Dialogue are invited and will be welcome at

With best wishes to all!



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