USAEE Salary Survey

USAEE is pleased to announce its first member salary survey. The purpose is to inform USAEE members of median compensation levels for a variety of categories such as field of employment, sector, years of experience, degree obtained, and geographic location. The survey encompasses professionals from industry, government, academia and research & consulting.

The information submitted will be treated with strict confidentiality. Meaden & Moore, an independent third-party accounting firm with no involvement in the energy sector, will use an on-line database to collect and process all the data. Only aggregated results will be reported, and then only where there are enough individual submissions to preclude any identification of individual data. No individual responses will be published or released.

We strongly urge all USAEE members to participate in order to produce more meaningful results.



This survey is for USAEE members as of April 30, 2012 only.  To participate, please follow the instructions in the e-mail that you received from USAEE Headquarters on May 1, 2012.  The survey will close on June 1, 2012.

If you did not receive this e-mail and/or have questions about the survey, please contact David Williams, Executive Director, USAEE at


Some Frequently Asked Questions about the USAEE Salary Survey


Q: Why is USAEE conducting a salary survey?

A: Provide USAEE members with information on the median compensation for a variety of job types, sectors and locations that can be used to benchmark their current salary or a opportunity.

Q: I’m worried about providing my personal information – especially my salary information?

A: A third party with experience in conducting salary surveys in a secure and confidential manner will be used. No individual responses will be provided to USAEE or will be provided to anyone else.

Q: Who is the third-party?

A: Meaden and Moore was selected by USAEE to conduct the salary survey on its behalf. Meaden and Moore is an accounting firm with experience conducting salary surveys in a secure and confidential manner. For more information about Meaden and Moore refer to their website:


Q: Will Meaden and Moore use my information for other purposes or contact me?

A: No, they will not use the information for other purposes or contact you directly.

Q: Do I have to participate in the salary survey?

A: No but it is encouraged in order for us to have a reasonable survey response.

Q: How long will the survey last?

A: The survey starts on May 1, 2012 and runs through June 1, 2012.

Q: How can I get a copy of the results?

A: An Executive Summary will be available to all USAEE members on USAEE’s website by July 15.


Q: I am not sure what to enter for my base salary? Where can I get this and what does it include?

A: This information can come from your company or your W2 Form. The base salary should not include bonus, profit sharing, summary salary or benefits).

Q: What if I have trouble completing the survey? Who do I contact?

A: A contact number to Meaden and Moore will be provided with the initial e-mail announcing the start of the survey. Contact that number if you have trouble completing the survey.

Q: Can someone take the survey twice?

A: No. Only one response will be allowed per member.

Q: I have a friend that is in the same occupation that I am but he is not a USAEE member. Can I forward the survey to him so he can take the survey?

A: No. Only USAEE members as of April 30 will be allowed to take the survey. Encourage your colleague to join USAEE so he can take the survey at the next offering.


Q: My job encompasses multiple activities and I’m not sure which one to choose?

A: Choose the activity that describes best your primary activity.


Q: I’m retired from active employment but do some consulting. Can I participate?

A: Yes.

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