USAEE President's Message

It is with great pleasure that I highlight some recent activities and future plans of the US Association for Energy Economics.

USAEE members are a vital community of people addressing energy issues today.  We are key researchers, analysts, practitioners, writers, investors and consultants working in energy economics in academic, governmental, industrial, financial, media, consulting and other institutions across the country.  USAEE is an exceptional organization that provides many ways to be engaged in the profession of energy economics.  This President’s Message highlights some recent activities and future opportunities.

Webinar with ACORE

At the end of January, USAEE and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) jointly produced a webinar on the economic implications of renewable energy mandates.  This exciting and dramatically successful event was a first for USAEE and followed several months of preparation tenaciously spearheaded by Past-President Joe Dukert.  USAEE selected the topic, moderator and panelists—all USAEE members—and ACORE lead the marketing and handled the technical logistics.  Many of you tuned in.  If you missed it and are interested, the slide decks are available.  This was such a success that USAEE is pursuing additional webinars.  If you have suggestions or would like to be engaged, please contact Vice-President, Communications Jonathan Story.


As USAEE is a member-service organization, USAEE Council recognized and filled an important gap last year by adding the position of Vice-President, Membership.  As the inaugural office-holder, Mike Canes has undertaken several new activities aimed at making sure that USAEE is providing as much value to members as possible.  These include emailing a formatted USAEE membership directory to all members and surveying members to help assess the ways in which USAEE membership can deliver as much value as possible.  Especially if you didn't do it via the survey, please provide any ideas to Vice-President, Membership Mike Canes.  Mike and the Membership Committee have also drafted an e-mail message that you will receive when it is your time to renew your membership.  The message will remind you of the many, many benefits of membership.  Please watch for it and renew when your renewal date arrives.  I hope USAEE membership continues to be an especially rewarding part of your engagement in the profession of energy economics.

Fund for Association Advancement

Along with the publication of this issue of Dialogue, you will notice an inaugural Annual Report to Members. The content this inaugural year is two tables summarizing the financial situation of USAEE.  The first table summarizes income and expenses during 2009 while the second summarizes USAEE’s fund balances as of the end of 2009.  In addition to noting that USAEE is in a strong financial position, please take special note of the existence of the “Fund for Association Advancement.”  The money in this fund is available to support good ideas and volunteer efforts to advance the Association in all directions.  If you have a good idea for advancing USAEE and are willing to provide some volunteer effort, please let Secretary-Treasurer Mina Dioun know about it so the USAEE Council can consider funding support.

Calgary Conference

USAEE will hold this year’s annual North American Meeting in Calgary, Alberta October 14-16, 2010!  The meeting is hosted by the Canadian Association for Energy Economics.  Conference highlights include a half-day pre-conference session “Oil Sands 101”; a special plenary session on North American Energy Interdependence featuring presenters from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico; an Industry Outlook breakfast featuring two industry leaders; plenary sessions on oil and gas volatility, climate change policy, electricity markets, water, energy efficiency, renewable energy; and a special concluding Canadian energy journalists panel discussion.  There also will be 35 sessions featuring members presenting their recent work.  In addition to the conference sessions, Calgary is a fantastic city and several social and technical tours are being planned.  Coordinating all of this for USAEE is our Vice-President, Conferences Peter Hartley and our Executive Director David L. Williams, Jr.  Please plan to join them and me and a few hundred others in Calgary this autumn!

Student Activities

USAEE has a robust program of activities supporting student engagement in energy economics.  Among them is the Dennis J. O’Brien Best Student Paper Awards given again this year to up to 10 students.  Plans are afoot for USAEE to establish a mentoring program and a case competition program.  The mentoring program would facilitate contact between established members and students, while the case competition would pose an issue or problem in energy economics and facilitate competition among groups of students in proposing the best way to address it.  If you are interested in participating in a mentoring relationship, please contact Vice-President, Academic Affairs Fred Joutz.  If you are interested in helping to set up or participate in a case competition, please contact Student Representative Warren Katzenstein.

USAEE Council and Committees

USAEE Council is a 14-member group of key volunteer leaders of our Association.  Council meets quarterly, mostly by 90-minute conference call.  At its most recent meeting, Council members provided input on each of the above endeavors and several others, plus held a healthy discussion on some recommended changes in Council composition presented by our much-respected Past-President Wumi Iledare.  Council ultimately resolved that the changes were not needed for now.  Council meetings are a special bringing together of a diverse group of people who are passionate about our Association and who seek to offer constructive support and good ideas to each other and to our Association’s excellent Executive Director, David L. Williams, Jr.  If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, please consider getting involved, perhaps in one of the ways mentioned above.  Also, among the most humbling and pleasing endeavors of our Association is its recognition of some truly exceptional contributions to the profession.  If someone in energy economics has touched you professionally in profound ways, please consider nominating them for the Adelman-Frankel Award or the USAEE Fellows awards.

Please be in touch.  Let me know if there are things USAEE might do to serve you, to further your engagement in energy economics, and to be an increasingly valuable part of your professional life.


Charles Greer Rossmann, Ph.D.

Principal Research Economist

Southern Company


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