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Adelman-Frankel Award

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2015 Adelman-Frankel Award

The Adelman-Frankel Award is given to an individual or organization for a unique and innovative contribution to the field of energy economics.  


Adam E. Sieminski
Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration
Howard Gruenspecht
Deputy Administrator, U.S. Energy Information Administration 



[left] Howard Gruenspecht;
Lori Smith Schell, Award Chair;
Adam Sieminski



The USAEE is jointly awarding its 2015 Adelman-Frankel Award to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) Administrator Adam Sieminski and Deputy Administrator Dr. Howard Gruenspecht. The unprecedented decision to jointly award the USAEE’s highest honor is based on the unique synergies created at EIA by the confluence of Adam and Howard’s individual skills and leadership, synergies that we believe to be inseparable and worthy of joint recognition.

When nominated by President Obama to be EIA Administrator, Adam (a past USAEE President and Senior Fellow) was a well-known and highly respected oil market analyst with decades of private sector experience. Howard, also a USAEE Senior Fellow, was a seasoned hand at analyzing the energy sector for policymakers based on firmly maintaining the necessary academic rigor in EIA’s modeling and analysis of the national energy system. rom the outset, Adam determined to adapt EIA coverage of a dramatically changing oil and natural gas sector, specifically to develop better indicators for market changes and technological progress and to capture changing energy flow dynamics. Adam initiated a monthly Drilling Productivity Report as a better measure of activity than rig counts, crude by ail data was introduced, and the Brent marker prices for waterborne crudes are now included along with the WTI price. Adam has increased the emphasis on current energy markets,including providing a better understanding of the international markets that are more critical than ever given the dramatic increases in refined product trade and proposals to export liquefied natural gas and, possibly, crude oil. Howard has decades of experience analyzing electricity markets and energy policy issues, including electricity restructuring, regulations affecting motor fuels and vehicles, energy-related environmental issues, and economy-wide energy modeling. Howard has consistently motivated EIA to pursue energy analysis within economically sound frameworks.

Howard has been instrumental in extensive computer simulation modeling development projects and many dozens of discrete analytic exercises, all in some manner intended to illuminate market dynamics and quantitative perspectives that characterize energy systems. Howard’s zeal and attention to detail have helped EIA create a wide and deep portfolio of publically available economic analysis of pertinent energy issues. EIA has long been a recognized leader in the gathering and dissemination of energy data and analytics and was awarded the 2002 USAEE Adelman-Frankel Award. Adam Sieminski and Howard Gruenspecht are being honored for the significance of their many and joint contributions to improving the depth, quality, and accessibility of EIA’s data and analytic products, products that support academic research, commercial decision-making, and government policy development on a global scale.

The Adelman-Frankel Award includes a cash award of $1000 to be shared by the award recipients.  As Dr. Sieminski is a presidential appointee he is unable either to accept or direct the cash award.  At the award committee's recommendation his share of the cash award was donated to the USAEE Student Scholarship Fund.  Dr. Gruenspecht, although able to accept the cash award, donated his share to the USAEE Student Scholarship Fund.


2015 USAEE Senior Fellows

The Senior Fellow Award is given to individuals who have exemplified distinguished service in the field of energy economics and/or the USAEE.


Robert E. Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy and Management
Amy M. Jaffee
Executive Director, Energy and Sustainability,
University of California, Davis
Andrew Slaughter
Executive Director,
Deloitte Services, LP
[left] Andrew SlaughterLori Smith Schell, Award Chair;
Robert Borgström; [insert] Amy Jaffee. 


Lists of all Adelman-Frankel Award Recipients and USAEE Senior Fellows may be found at https://www.usaee.org/awards.aspx.


USAEE Awards Committee

Chair: Lori Smith Schell, Empowered Energy (Past President, USAEE)

Seth Blumsack, Penn State University; Carol Dahl, Colorado School of Mines; Mark McCarthy, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.; and  Shirley Neff, Energy Information Administration.





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