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Download entire August 2009 Newsletter (PDF | 10,831KB)

The U.S. Energy Sector: Progress and Challenges, 1972-2009 by Paul L. Joskow

Macroeconomic Analysis of American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 by Robert Baron, Paul Bernstein, Scott Bloomberg, Kenneth Ditzel, Julian Lamy, Lee Lane, David Montgomery, Anne Smith, Sugandha Tuladhar, and Mei Yuan

The Merits of Combining a Renewable Electricity Standard with a Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Policy: An Analysis of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R.2454) by Michael Neimeyer, Scott Bloomberg, and Ken Ditzel

Renewable Electric Power-Too Much of a Good Thing: Looking At ERCOT by Mark B. Lively

Alternative Regulation, Benchmarking, and Efficient Diversification by Mark Newton Lowry and Lullit Getachew

Webcasting a USAEE Chapter Meeting by Ariana Landry

Highlights from the 32nd IAEE International Conference by Nihan Karali

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Download entire March 2009 Newsletter (PDF | 6,908KB)

Incorporating Best Practices into RPS Program Design by Charles Kubert

Lessons Learned by State Renewable Portfolio Standard Programs: Results of a 2008 Survey of State RPS Program by Steven Weisman

Creating Jobs With 'Green' Power Sources By Hillard G. Huntington

The National Energy Efficiency Resource Standard as an Energy Productivity Tool By John A. "Skip" Laitner, Laura Furrey and Steven Nadel

Feed-in Tariff Policy: Design, Implementation and RPS Policy Interactions By Karlynn Cory, Toby Couture and Claire Kreycik

Highlights from the 28th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference By Peter H. Kobos

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Download entire November 2008 Newsletter (PDF | 4,982KB)

Electric Vehicles and Peak Oil Demand by Sam Van Vactor

The Risk of Evaluating the Benefits of Photovoltaic Electricity Using Conventional Methods by Derek Lemoine

A New Era for OCS Oil and Gas? By David Hutzelman

Global Warming: Data and Some Thoughts on the Role of Economics By Julian Silk

The Risk of Evaluating the Benefits of Photovoltaic Electricity Using Conventional Methods By Deepak Sivaraman

The Role of Sugarcane-Based Ethanol in the Developing Global Biofuels Market By Carlos Bastian-Pinto, Luiz Brandão and Joe Hahn

Energy Intensity, Renewable Energy, and Economic Development: Examining Three Provinces in China By Ning Wu

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Download entire August 2008 Newsletter (PDF | 4,845KB)

Alex Farrell by Merrill Jones Barradale

The Scale and the Investment Potential of the U.S. Energy Efficiency Resource by John A. "Skip" Laitner

Energy Efficiency Initiatives Begin to Bite By Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

Energy Efficiency and Socially Rational Behaviors: The Role for Social Sciences in Bridging the Energy-Efficiency Gap and Accelerating Efficiency Gains By Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez

Recycling Energy Waste By Richard Munson

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Download entire March 2008 Newsletter (PDF | 1,959KB)

I Knew Vito When... by Michelle Michot Foss

Strategies for Enhancing Energy Security by Dmitry Volkov

The Peculiar Economics of Energy in Defense Operations by Michael E. Canes

How the State of Alaska can use Sinopec and China to its Advantage: A Negotiation Strategy to Obtain a Natural Gas Pipeline by Doug Reynolds

Cross Border Gas Trade in the Gulf and the Dolphin Project by Justin Dargin

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Download entire November 2007 Newsletter (PDF | 4,994KB)

"Global Energy Market Trends - Insights from the 2007 BP Statistical Review of World Energy" by Christof Rühl and Neelesh Nerurkar

"The Geopolitics of Oil" by Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian

"Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project" by Tim Holder

"An Essay on Advancing Energy Knowledge" by Eric Yussman

"The Birth of Russia's New Energy Class" by Justin Dargin

"Peak Oil: Myth or Reality?" by Dr. Mamdouh G. Salameh

"Highlights from the 27th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference" by Gürcan Gülen

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Download entire August 2007 Newsletter (PDF | 3,254KB)

"Long-Run Relation among Motor Fuel Use, Vehicle Miles Traveled, Income, and Gas Price for the US" by Brant Liddle

"The Nuclear Waste Dilemma" by Vito Stagliano

"Renewed Interest in Demand Response, But "Wither the Economic Rationale for Efficient Pricing?"" by John Kelly

"Prospectivity, Productivity, and Profitability on Offshore Oil and Gas Leases: the Case of the US Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf" by Omowumi Iledare and Mark Kaiser

"Innovation in the Energy Industry: Country Challenges, Solutions, and Models" by Andre Lambine

"Book Review :Crude Awakening: Global Oil Security and American Foreign Policy" by Justin Dargin

"USAEE/IAEE Communication Team Launches a Live Blog Capability for the 27th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference"

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Download entire March 2007 Newsletter (PDF | 4,237KB)

"Energy Market and Economic Impacts of a Proposal to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Intensity" by Guy Caruso

"Trading or Taxes in the Regulatory Control of Air Polluting Emissions" by Richard F. Kosobud

"Alaska Modernizes its Petroleum Production Tax System" by Cherie Nienhuis

"The Nature of Energy Security" by Michael Lynch

"Why Is Energy Efficiency Such A Hard Sell?" by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

"Additional Thoughts on Federal Energy Tax Incentives" by Gilbert E. Metcalf

"A Perspective on the IEA World Energy Outlook 2006" by John C. Gault

A review of "An Inconvenient Reincarnation--A Critique of An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore" by Gerald Westbrook

"USAEE/IAEE Launches Energy Blog - A Frequent, Interactive, Chronological Publication of Your Comments, Thoughts, Random Discourse" by Shree Vikas

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Download entire November 2006 Newsletter (PDF | 3,463KB)

"A Survey of Federal Energy Tax Incentives" by Joseph Mandarino

"Alaska North Slope Natural Gas Politics" by Doug Reynolds

"PEMEX: Challenges and Opportunities; Time for Reform?"by Justin Dargin

"Russia, Ukraine and EU Trade Dispute: Implications on the Atlantic LNG Market" by Obindah Wagbara

"Integrating the Regulation of Natural Gas Utilities" by Jon Ludwigson, Frank Rusco and W. David Walls

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Download entire August 2006 Newsletter (PDF | 3,654KB)

"Making the Ethanol Subsidy More Efficient and Cost Effective" by by Professor Tyner and Justin Quear

"Can Biofuels Pose a Serious Challenge to Crude Oil?" by Dr. Salameh

"Using Demand Response Programs to Provide Operating Reserves in Wholesale Power Markets: A Case Study of the ERCOT Market" by Jay Zarnikau, Lowry et al. and Vrela-Salazar et al.

"Regulation of Gas Distributors with Declining Use per Customer" by Lowry et al.

"On-Site vs. Off-Site Electric Power Supply in Refineries in the USA: The Use of Cogeneration in Texas and Louisiana" by Varela-Salazar et al

"Energy Poverty in Rich Countries" by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

"Wild Cards in the Oil Deck" by Lewis L Smith

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Download entire March 2006 Newsletter (PDF | 1,790KB)

"The Effect of GTL Commercialization on Fuels and Specialty Products Markets" by Iraj Isaac Rahmim

"Let Electricity Innovation Thrive" by Richard Munson

"A Curmudgeon's View of Real-Time Pricing" by Julian Silk

"Consolidation of Utility Companies Shows No Sign of Abating" by Fereidoon (Perry) Sioshansi

"Three Short Articles on Global Oil and Gas Economics" by Robert W. Gilmer, Carrie Ann Fossum and Iram Siddik, Dr. A.F. Alhajji, and Gray Peckham

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November 2005
PDF | 1,248KB

The fall edition of the USAEE Dialogue has three short articles on clean energy policy, global oil supply dynamics and a focus on marine transportation and public policy at Columbia University. Several delegates to the 25th USAEE/IAEE North American Conference held in Denver, Colorado review discussions and presentations on plenary session themes.

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August 2005
PDF | 6,658KB

The summer edition of the USAEE Dialogue has three short articles on the global oil market dynamics and the underlying forces propelling the rising trend in crude oil prices since January 1999. Dr. Coburn, President of Coburn International Energy Consultants, LLC, argues that in today.s oil market, oil price movement is in response to a high level of uncertainty in the market. The second article on world oil dynamics attempts to answer the oil exhaustibility question - will the world run out of oil? Lewis Smith provides a "yes" and "no" answer with a caveat that nobody really knows when the world will run out of oil, notwithstanding the current outpouring of fearless forecasts of an early peak for world crude oil production. The article by Doug Reynolds of the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, however, provides three likely forces underlying the peak oil phenomenon that could lead to an oil price shock or even a super shock. article by Dr. Christopher Chima, revisits the energy-GDP debate and provides an analysis of the energy-GDP relationship in the U.S. from 1949-2003. Finally, Vito Stagliano, a Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Policy and Former Visiting Scholar at Resources for the Future suggests that the U.S. electric power industry is in a state of policy paralysis.

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March 2005
PDF | 1,532KB

The USAEE Dialogue gladly welcomes Professor Adelman's perspectives on OPEC, a key player in global petroleum supply and pricing. This issue of the Dialogue also includes an article by Fereidoon (Perry) Sioshansi, president of Menio Energy Economics. Highlights of the speech presented by Paul Portney, President, Resources for the Future (RFF), at the 2004 NCAC dinner are summarized in this edition of the Dialogue. Dr. Kevin B. Jones, Principal Partner, Navigant Consult-ing's Energy Markets and Operations Practice, explores the basic question of whether markets and ecosystems can be effectively linked? Finally, Dr. Francisco de Rosenzweig and Guillermo Gutiérrez present a general overview and perspectives of the Mexican energy industry regulatory framework.

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November 2004
PDF | 2,315KB

In this fall edition of the USAEE Dialogue, Ian Parry, senior fellow at Resources for the Future, provides a discussion of the economic efficiency, or social welfare effects, of higher gasoline taxes and passenger vehicle fuel economy standards. This issue of the Dialogue also includes articles by Feredidoon (Perry) Sioshansi, president of Menio Energy Economics. Wumi Iledare, LSU Center for Energy Studies, reviews the significance and growing importance of deepwater activity and petroleum discoveries on U.S. domestic petroleum resources and supply. Several energy analysts from the Baltic States of the small Baltic region in Northern Europe coauthored the article on the environmental aspects of the electric market management for three post-transition Baltic States, which they presented at the 24th Annual North American Conference of the USAEE/IAEE. Finally, Dr. A. F. Alhajji, associate professor of economics at Ohio Northern University, presents a synopsis of the presen-tations by four prominent energy experts on world oil market management at the 24th Annual North American Conference of the USAEE/IAEE.

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August 2004
PDF | 1,439KB

This summer edition of the USAEE Dialogue includes a full presentation by Thomas R. Casten, Chairman and CEO Primary Energy, on Energy Policy: Thinking Outside the Box. In addition, Leonard L. Coburn, who presided over the conference plenary session on Russian Energy, provides an introductory overview of Russian Energy and discusses the comments by Robert Ebel entitled "Russia-King of the Oil Hill?" and Stephen O'Sillivan entitled "Energy Investment in Russia: The empire Strikes Back." Further, Kate Offringa provides an overview of panel discussions at the plenary session entitled "State and Regional Ascendance in Energy Policy." This issue of Dialogue also includes remarks by Amy Myers Jaffe, Wallace Wilson Fellow for Energy Studies at The James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, on energy use, poverty and the environment. James Schlesinger received the Adelman-Frankel Award for his contributions to public policy in the energy field.

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March 2004
PDF | 8,646KB

In this edition of USAEE Dialogue, there are several short articles on various energy economic and policy issues and problems. Dick Munson, the executive director of the Northeast- Midwest Institute offers some perspectives on the role of models and modelers in predicting energy futures. Stephanie J. Battles, a senior energy analyst and survey manager at the U.S. DOE/EIA, examines the sectoral demand for energy. Paul Roberts, a manager at Reliant Energy Solutions, LLC, discusses the current dynamics and the expected role of LNG in the U.S. natural gas market. Dr. A. F. Alhajji, an associate professor of Business Administration at Ohio Northern University, presents four myths and realities of the U.S. mission in Iraq, keeping in mind the role of Iraq in global petroleum supply and pricing. The article by Dr. Ferdinand Banks of the Department of Economics at Uppsala University in Sweden provides a revaluation of the economics of energy deregulation in Europe and the U.S.

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Nov 2003
PDF | 5,903KB

In this fall edition of USAEE Dialogue, Michael C. Lynch, President, Strategic Energy and Economic Research, provides an overview of the trends in investments in the petroleum E&P industry and concludes that there seems to be no slackening in global E&P investments, particularly outside the U.S. Dr. Mamdouh G. Salameh, Director, Oil Market Consultancy Service in the U.K. reviews the emerging sources of oil supplies outside the Middle East and offers four important reasons why none of these alternative sources could, individually or collectively be substitutes for Middle East oil. Dr. Ian Sue Wing and Dr. Richard Eckaus of the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change attempt to examine the implications of technologi-cal change and long-run decline in U.S. energy policy on climate policy. The authors suggest that technical progress, although a significant factor in reducing energy intensity in manufacturing sectors is not the dominant factor.

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July 2003
PDF | 814KB

The summer edition of "Dialogue" includes five articles. Three of these articles look at Natural Gas, two of them primarily on the recent shortage in the US while the third looks at regulations and restructuring of Natural Gas in Romania. An article on minority household consumption, economic displacement opportunities in Southeast power markets, and a new design for "Dialogue" round out this issue.

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Mar 2003
PDF | 830KB

The Winter edition of USAEE Dialogue includes three articles. Dr Ferdinand Bank discusses another perspective on economic theory and the world oil market, Dr. Mamdouh G. Salameh's paper evaluates various strategies that are being espoused to reduce U.S. oil import dependency and Dr. Mark Kaiser and Professor Allan Pulsipher describe and identify the decision variables underlying the use of explosive/non-explosive methods to remove offshore structures in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico OCS.

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Nov 2002
PDF | 202KB

USAEE President Arnie Baker emphasizes the uncertainty in society following violence in Moscow, Bali and the Washington D.C. area and how energy plays part in national security. Papers in this issue include topics by Dr. Maureen Crandall of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces; Norman E. Duncan of NED & Associates, Inc.; Dr. Omowumi O. Iledare of the Center for Energy Studies at Louisiana State University; and Mr. Randy Jespersen of BC Gas.

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Aug 2002
PDF | 137KB

USAEE President Arnie Baker provides his views on the 2002 International Conference. Papers in this issue by Past USAEE President Michelle Foss and Dr. Gürcan Gülen discuss real time pricing in power markets, and Vito Stagliano documents the evolution of law, regulations, and organizations to deal with the transmission of electric power.

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Apr 2002
PDF | 170KB

Arnie Bakers inagural Presidents Column, along with an overview of USAEE's Strategic Policy, and articles covering global warming and assesing the impacts from changes in economic policy can be found in our first issue of 2002.

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Nov 2001
PDF | 215KB

USAEE President Michelle Foss shares her views on Septmber 11th, Micheal Lynch addresses the world oil markets, and Christopher Jablonowski's 2000 Best Student Paper covering oil spills and workplace saftey is presented.

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Aug 2001
PDF | 2.13MB

Sebastien Barreau's student paper on external growth of oil and gas supply companies is presented, along with a paper by "Hugh" Li and Scott Smith which describes hedging the option value of a natural gas storage asset.

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Mar 2001
PDF | 315KB

Kemm C. Farney examines Power Price Volatility, Glenn R. Schleede looks at Wind Farms in Wisconson, and our Presidents message steps into the future to examine our energy present.

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Nov 2000
PDF | 457KB

Kurt Yeager's Philadelphia presentation on innovation in technology, renewable energy and government support is addressed by Jerry Taylor and Peter VanDoren, and our departing President reflects on the group and his time with USAEE.

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Aug 2000
PDF | 282KB

Murray Slim provides insight into the struggle of marketing structures, Dave Williams describes the complexities of organizing a conference such as USAEE's, and our president looks at the current long term strategy of USAEE.

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Apr 2000
PDF | 2.51MB

Gary Eng evaluates the current state of energy supply in New Zeland, USAEE member survey results, and our presidents message looks towards the Philadelphia conference.

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Nov 1999
PDF | 501KB

Joseph Dukert covers energy interdependence in North America, Dr. Maureen Crandall responds to energy education, and our President questions the need for Energy Economists.

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Aug 1999
PDF | 2.13MB

Ed Krapels evaluates the impact of trading funds on national economies, Douglas B. Reynolds writes about the supply and demand of oil, and our Presidents message looks at the long term future of USAEE

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Apr 1999
PDF | 390KB

Gerald T. Westbrook covers global climate change issues, John Cochener looks at the short-term price of natural gas, and our new President evaluates a number of goals for the group.

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Dec 1998
PDF | 114KB

The Albuquerque Conference keynote address by Dr. C Paul Robinson, Dr. John Lohrenz evaluates the misuse of gas/oil equivalencies, and a positive outlook toward the future of the organization from Albuquerque.

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Aug 1998
PDF | 320KB

An article by Stephen P.A. Brown covers the impacts of oil conservation, the changing energy industry in Turkey is addressed by Dr. Gurcan Gulen, and a preview of the annual conference in Albuquerque.

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Special "Dialogue" Suppliment
By James T. Jensen
PDF | 61KB

Oil-to-gas price competition - Can it place a cap on gas prices?