From the Editor

Robert Eric Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy & Management
(Washington, DC)


Happy New Year!  

Having been a member of USAEE/IAEE for many, many years, it's a pleasure and privilege to serve as editor of USAEE Dialogue with the objective of using this on-line publication as a platform for sharing our diverse yet complementary interests in energy economics.  Featured in this issue are the following member-written articles:

  • "Recent Developments in LNG Markets," by in-coming IAEE President, Peter R. Hartley, based upon his presentation at the recent IAEE Asian Conference in Beijing;
  • "Demand a Better Utility Charge During Era of Renewables: Getting Renewable Incentives Correct With Residential Demand Charges," by Mark B. Lively;
  • "Economic Growth and Marginal Energy Return Ratios," by Douglas B. Reynolds;
  • "China's Omnipresence in the Global Oil Market," an invited paper by Mamdouh G. Salameh, based upon his presentation at the recent IAEE European Conference in Rome; and
  • "Lessons from Behavioral Economics for Rationalizing Energy Use," by Roman J. Zytek, based upon his presentation in Beijing.

You'll note that some of these papers are based upon presentations made at the recent IAEE-sanctioned Asian and European Conferences.  An important benefit of our USAEE membership is the opportunity for us to attend and to participate in a variety of interesting conferences at venues around the world.  In this issue we've included some photos from the aforementioned conferences in Beijing and Rome as well as information about conferences scheduled in 2015 including our own USAEE North American Conference in Pittsburgh. Future issues of USAEE Dialogue will include write-ups and photo coverage of these events as well papers that members have presented at them.    

I hope that members will make a New Year's Resolution to share their research, case studies and chapter events in forthcoming issues.   In addition to full-length articles (2,000 - 4,000 words), Chapter Presidents are also invited to provide write-ups (with photos) of local chapter events, and all members are invited to submit short comments (< 500 words) on articles that add to the reasoned (and non-political) discussion of current energy economics issues.  March 31, 2015 is the deadline for inputs to our next issue, which will appear on-line in May. Expressions of interest in preparing an article are requested as early as possible in advance of that deadline. Please see "Guidelines" for article submission at http://www.usaee.org/pdf/blog/Dialogue_Article_Submission_Guidelines.pdf or contact me at robertborgstrom2@gmail.com for further information.

With best wishes to all for 2015!



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