From the Editor

Robert Eric Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy & Management
Washington, DC

Dear Colleagues,

With this issue of USAEE Dialogue, we're offering a mix of reading suggestions as well as opportunities for member interaction.

Firstly, we’re pleased to feature two member-submitted articles:

  • “Can the Use of Small Hydro Plants be the Solution to Rural Electrification in Nigeria?“, by Osasohan Agbonlahor, a PhD student at the University of Nevada, Reno; and
  • “Distributed Generation: Transmission Panacea or Utility Pain Point?“, by Michael Goldman, a senior research analyst at Northeast Utilities.

USAEE Members from all sectors of our energy economics community are most cordially invited to propose articles for future issues of USAEE Dialogue that share the results of their research and/or case studies of business experience.  (See below for further information.)

Secondly, members are reminded that an important benefit of our membership is the opportunity to attend and to participate in IAEE conferences at venues around the world.  These conferences are valuable learning and networking opportunities, and their venues can also be great “anchors” for your summer and fall vacations! Please check out our coverage of: the 37th IAEE International Conference in New York on June 15-18; the 4th IAEE Asian Conference in Beijing on Sept. 19-21; and the 14th IAEE European Conference in Rome on Oct. 28-31.

Thirdly, an important objective of USAEE Dialogue is to highlight the activities of local USAEE chapters around the USA.  This issue focuses upon the Houston Chapter in Texas; the National Capital Area Chapter in Washington, DC; and our newest chapter, Three Rivers, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (where USAEE will be holding its North American Conference in 2015).  Chapter presidents are invited to propose articles about your events.

Lastly, we would like for USAEE Dialogue to include feedback from members on recently-published articles as well as comments on other energy economics' issues of interest to the membership.  My call for input went out in an e-Blast earlier this year, but regretfully the membership has so far been uncharacteristically silent!  Please help to make USAEE Dialogue an interactive publication by contributing your views to the "Last Words" section of our next issue. 

USAEE Members who wish to propose contributions in any of the aforementioned subject areas are kindly asked to send a non-binding expression of interest (EoI) to me at robertborgstrom2@gmail.com. This is not a call for Abstracts; the EoI need only specify the proposed topic and the name(s)/affiliation(s) of the author(s). I shall respond promptly to each EoI and outline next steps leading toward publication. Further information can be found at


The closure date for our next issue (Oct. 2014) is Sept. 1st.  Input should be received well in advance of that firm deadline to allow sufficient time for editorial review.  I look forward to hearing from you!  

Best to all,


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