Do You Want to Start Your Own USAEE Chapter

The requirements for starting a USAEE Chapter are straightforward – a viable group forms to create a Chapter and have organized to the point of adopting a set of bylaws as well as have elected a group of officers.  A sample set of bylaws may be found by visiting or calling USAEE Headquarters at 216-464-2785.  USAEE dues are $100.00 per person, per year for a subscription to The USAEE Dialogue, The Energy Journal and IAEE Energy Forum.  Student membership is $40.00.  USAEE bills members directly for their membership in the Association.  Chapter membership must be open to all individuals whose interest is in the field of energy economics.  If you have any further questions regarding the establishment of a USAEE Chapter, please do not hesitate to contact USAEE Headquarters, phone:  216-464-2785; email:   A complete Chapter start-up kit can be mailed to you.


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Volume 24, Number 3 - 2016