Acknowledgements and Call for Articles

From the Editor:
Robert Eric Borgström
Advisor on Energy Regulatory Policy and Management
Washington, DC

USAEE Dialogue is completely dependent upon member input and in that respect I am sincerely appreciative of the contributions of members who have written articles for this issue.

Engaged as we are in virtually every aspect of energy economics, I am hopeful that in the coming months many of you will want to share your research and case studies with your fellow members via the digital platform of USAEE Dialogue. All members are strongly and sincerely encouraged to help keep this avenue of member communications open by contributing articles of 1000-4000 words.

The deadline for inputs to our next issue (May 2016) is March 31, 2016.  Members interested in proposing articles for that issue should contact me at robertborgstrom2@gmail.com well in advance of that deadline for further information and guidelines for submission of manuscripts.  I look forward to hearing from you soonest.



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