14th IAEE European Conference:

Rome, Italy - October 28-31, 2014

"Sustainable Energy Policies and Strategies for Europe"

The AIEE – Italian Association of Energy Economists – and the IAEE – International Association for Energy Economics – are organising the 14th European IAEE Conference to be held in Rome, Italy from October 28 to 31, in collaboration with, and on the premises of, the LUISS University. It may be noted that this will be the third European Conference of IAEE to be held in Italy in recent years (after Florence in 2007 and Venice in 2012). There are at least three reasons for this concentration: first, AIEE is one of the largest affiliates of IAEE (arguably the largest in Europe); secondly, the Italian art cities can be counted upon as powerful attractors for visitors sensible to art and history and not only to energy economics; thirdly, the hospitality in terms of tourist facilities and conference organisation is ample and well tested.

The title of the Conference, “Sustainable Energy Policies and Strategies for Europe”, stresses the importance of the redefinition of an energy long-term view for the European Union at a critical moment for the re-launching of  the Union against an increasing background of scepticism and local interests. Voices are heard in favour of making energy a unifying issue for Europe, much as the origins of the European Union can be traced to collaborations in the energy field, through Euratom for nuclear and the European Steel and Coal Community (ECSC) for coal. This time at which Europe is hopefully emerging from the tunnel of the economic crisis may well be appropriate for such an initiative.

However, European IAEE Conferences have now acquired a tradition of not limiting their focus to European issues. In recent years, the participation from non-European countries was large and well qualified and dealt with subjects certainly not limited to Europe; energy is increasingly an international issue, and the presence of participants in particular from emerging countries is essential in presenting a balanced view on the subject.

Apart from the opening and closing plenary sessions, that should essentially convey a few basic messages and identify feedbacks from the discussions in the Conference, there will be three sets of dual plenary sessions, constructed about invited key-note papers. They will cover the main country or aggregate strategies for the long term (such as the EU Roadmap to 2050); energy-related environmental challenges beyond the threats to global climate stability; new trends and emerging solutions to energy issues in transportation (a sector which lags behind in energy savings); new trends in energy market regulation and liberalization (including but not limited to the building sector); changes in energy geopolitics and role of the emerging countries.  A  number of concurrent sessions (40 according to the present estimate) will cover a wide variety of subjects, to be specified by the aggregation of the papers that emerge from the peer-review process. Some of these sessions (“special sessions”)  will be organised directly by the participants.  Particular attention is directed to student participation.   The  “Students PhD  Day”, the ”Students Poster Session” and other  student activities  will offer PhD candidates the opportunity  for presenting an in-depth version of their work in the field of energy economics stimulating the communication among PhD candidates and the exchange between junior and senior scientists.   The  best student papers presented will be awarded  during  a special ceremony  and the winners will receive a cash prize and a waiver of registration.


 The Hall of the Columns - LUISS University

The  social events, the Welcome cocktail, the Gala dinner and the Conference dinner, will be  an opportunity for interaction and discussion in a relaxed atmosphere, organized in two charming elegant places : the “Hall of Columns” of the LUISS University and the “Caffarelli Terrace” - a magnificent terrace located on the Capitol Hill, with a view to, Piazza del Campidoglio designed by Michelangelo.


Piazza del Campidoglio view

The 14th  IAEE European  conference is a special appointment to discuss  a whole range of up-to-date energy issues in one of the most beautiful and artistic cities  in the world,  Rome caput mundi, the cradle of civilization.  Do not miss it!

For further information, please contact: Conference Secretariat:  info@iaee2014europe.it; Phone: +39.06.3227367 - http://www.iaee2014europe.it

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